Personal details of applicants including contact numbers get populated into our application system from your DOH UMS system. Hence, Dataflow Group cannot directly make changes in the application form and to update the contact details applicant has to follow the below instructions which will lead to the changes automatically in the Dataflow Application system for new applications to be created:

Visit the following link to separate the country code from your contact number in the DOH UMS system.

1-Click on Login to DOH UMS.

2-Login in with your UAE Pass.

3-Click on my profile and update the country code to the United Arab Emirates and ensure to remove the country code from the Mobile Number section.

4-Click on the update button. 

5. Once the country code is updated, please create a new application in the DataFlow DOH portal and you will receive the OTP.

Note: For applicants who have a contact number outside of UAE, you are supposed to contact UAE Pass technical team at the following email address - As there is a temporary ban for users of the application outside the UAE or even international details and due to the same they would not be able to make any changes.