1. Please confirm from which date the new fees process has been implemented by Dataflow for DHA applicants.

The new fee process was implemented on July 1, 2022, for DHA applicants.

  1. Why am I being asked to pay an additional fee when I select my college/institution on the DHA application form?

Some colleges/institutions levy a fee on their students for completing their verification. Such a fee is not part of the PSV package which you pay to DataFlow. We are only collecting such a fee to pay it to your college/institution on your behalf, so as to prevent any delays later in the process.

  1. Why has DataFlow increased its PSV charges?

The Dataflow Group has not increased its fee for the Primary Source Verification process. The additional amount being collected is resulting from additional charges levied by your college/institution directly from its students for completing their verification process.

  1. How much is the additional verification fee collected by my college/institution and how is it different from the Primary Source Verification fees?


The additional verification fee charged by colleges/institutions from its students varies by college/institution. You will be able to see the applicable fee amount upon selecting the name and location of your college/institution from the Issuing Authority selection dropdown menu on the application form.

The Primary Source Verification fee or the package fee is the fee levied by DataFlow for carrying out the verification of your documents based on the scope defined by the regulator you are applying under.

  1. Why are there different charges for the same college/institution?

A college/institution may have different charges based on the type of qualification or document. For example, a university may have a different fee for graduate and postgraduate document verifications.

  1. Is it mandatory to pay the additional fee levied by a college/institution?


Yes, it's mandatory, as without the fee your college/institution will not release the verification of your document. That will result in your case being closed as “Unable to Verify”.


  1. How do I pay the additional verification fee for my college/institution to DataFlow?


To make it convenient for the applicants, DataFlow maintains a record of such verification fees which a college/institution may be collecting from its students/alumni. While submitting your PSV application form at https://dha.dfgateway.com you will be able to see the additional fee on the final payment page, where such additional amount will be shown along with the DataFlow PSV fees.

  1. Will I be receiving a payment receipt for the additional fees?


You will see the fee added as a line item on the payment receipt which you will receive from DataFlow upon submitting your application.

  1. If I do not want to continue with the PSV process; will I get a refund for the fees I paid?

We will be happy to process a refund provided that your refund request is received no later than 48 hours of submitting your PSV application. Please note that we will not be able to process any refund if we have already started the process of verifying your documents and in case the verification fee paid by you has already been submitted to your college/institution.

  1. What Is an Issuing Authority?

Issuing Authority is a term used for an Educational Institution, Employer, or Licensing authority that has issued your documents.

  1. How can I know the type of documents that I need to include in my PSV   application?


Please refer to the sections named “Submit your documents” of the How to Apply guidelines of DHA where you will be able to see the documents that need to be submitted.

  1. What is the document verification process used by DataFlow Group?


After doing a careful review of your submitted application form for accuracy and completeness of information and documents, we carry our verification of your documents by directly approaching the education, corporate or licensing body that issued the document by requesting them to confirm its authenticity. As part of the verification process, DataFlow would only obtain verification from the person(s) that are authorized to issue and verify documents.


  1. What is the fee for the PSV application?


DataFlow PSV fee varies depending on the type of verification package selected and the number of any additional documents that need to be verified. You will be able to see the applicable fee once you select the package type on the application form.

  1. Can I pay for my application in cash?


We only accept online payments via international credit/debit cards.  

  1. Is it possible to pay the verification fees at a later stage?


No. All relevant fees must be submitted at the time of application. 


  1. What is the timeframe required by the DataFlow Group to complete the verification?

The processing time is dependent on the issuing authority’s (Educational Institute, Employer, or Licensing authorities) response time. At the time of initiating your PSV application, you will be able to see the standard timeframe for completing the process.

Expedited processing (Express Service) may be available for an additional premium fee based on your regulator as well as depending upon the processing time taken by your college/institution. If available, you will be able to find the option to select Express package under the package selection section of the application form.

  1. I haven’t received any confirmation regarding my application submission. Please advise.


Once we receive the payment along with your completed application, you will receive an auto-generated email along with the payment receipt from noreply@dataflowgroup.com on your registered email.

You may also check your application status and details by visiting https://dha.dfgateway.com. You can log in using your account credentials and click on the ‘Check Your Status’ button.

  1. I wasn't able to find the answer to my query, and I still have a question.


Click here to visit our support page where you would be able to find multiple options under the Self-Help Hub which you may find useful. Additionally, down below on the same page, you will also find the option of submitting a support request/ticket in order to reach out to applicant support.