You can now request for an Appeal (one time only) within 180 calendar days of the DataFlow report issued to date. 

For Dubai Health Authority, an Appeal has to be submitted online by visiting Kindly follow the instructions given on the below document to submit your Appeal request.

Note: You are not eligible to raise an Appeal if the outcome of your Discrepancy or Unable to verify the report is due to the below-mentioned reasons.

  1. Unable to verify - Due to “IA Ceased Operation” - If your report has a Unable to verify outcome due to this reason, then you are requested to contact the Dubai Health Authority for final review and decision (as Appeal is not eligible) 

  1. If your 1st Appeal request is again completed with the similar outcome - Discrepancy or Unable to verify

Note: In case of Unable to verify the report due to "Ceased Issuing Authority (IA)", please submit your application on the DHA Sheryan system with your justification and upload supportive documents for DHA review.