If you intend to verify any additional/ updated documents for DOH, please refer to the below process to apply:


To sign up and login into the application portal, you must obtain the Unique Identity Number (UIN) by registering on the DOH TAMM portal.


Click Here to go to the DOH TAMM portal and follow the instructions mentioned in the below screenshot:


Once you get the Unique Identity Number (UIN), follow the instructions outlined below to submit your application for an Additional Document verification:

  • Login to your account at https://www.dfdoh.com/

  • Go to “Dashboard" and click on the “Submit Additional Certificate” tab

  • Select the services and go to “Next”

  • As per your verification requirements fill in the details of the document which you intend to verify as an additional document under Education/Employment/Health License, etc. 

Please Note - If you intend to verify any additional/ updated documents for DOH, it is mandatory to have an active account on https://www.dfdoh.com/ and at least one paid application.



  • Please Note: The verification cost per document is 300 AED.

    • 100 AED fees, for re-issuing a previous DOH report

    • 200 AED fees, for re-issuing a previous report that's completed under any other regulator.

  • The Turnaround time for verifying an additional document takes 25 calendar days. 


Please Note: In line with DoH - Abu Dhabi requirement; if the previously verified qualification(s) in the re-issued report doesn't include the (Mode of Study) details; then the DataFlow team will validate and verify the (Mode of Study), along with additional charges that may apply and will be confirmed if applicable.