The DataFlow Group provides a PSV report transfer service to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

In order to transfer your previous report to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit

  • Create a fresh account by clicking on “New User? Register here” You will need to enter your DHA Unique ID to register - this DHA Unique ID is provided by DHA 

  • Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an activation email to your registered email

    • Make sure you “click here” to activate your account

    • To note: You will need to create your password before logging in with your credentials. (Username and Password)

  • Once you log in to your newly created account on, it will take you to the “Personal Details” page

1. Personal Details Page

  • Fill in your personal details.

    • Make sure to fill all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk

    • It is very important to enter the correct mobile number under “Applicant Mobile Number”.

      • Note: Please enter your mobile country code starting with + sign

  • Click on “Next”

 2. Letter of Authorization (LOA)

  • Click on ¨Consent” and read the document carefully

  • Review your Given name and Surname and click on ¨Consent¨ and finish

 3. Create A Case

  • Select the case type as “ Transfer a previous DataFlow Case”

  • Enter your previously completed DataFlow Group  Case Number/Barcode

  • Click on “Add Case”

    • To Note: If you have more than one completed DataFlow report, you will need to submit an individual request for each report

    • We will only consider one DataFlow Case Number under-report transfer and will not accept any previous annexed report with a different Dataflow Case number. To add the annexed report with a different DataFlow Case Number, you can repeat the steps 

Note - if you wish to add more documents, you will need to complete a report transfer case application, to then add the additional documents via My Cases.

  • This addition will only be reflected once your new case under DHA has been initiated.

4. Payment Page

  • The total amount to be paid for a “Report Transfer” will appear under “Gross Amount”

  • Click on “Generate OTP”

  • A 6 Digit OTP number will be sent to your registered mobile number.

    • In case you do not receive an OTP number, you can choose to opt for “Regenerate OTP”.If you still do not receive a number, please change the mobile number and opt for “Re Generate OTP” again. If the OTP  issue persists, please contact us via

  • Note -DHA reports will incur an extra charge of 100 AED (per report transfer request). For other Authorities, the charges applicable will be 200AED per report.

Following successful payment, the DataFlow Group will start working on your application and you will receive a  notification for the new DataFlow case under Dubai Health Authority (DHA) once it has been created.