It is very important that you fill in your information correctly because once your PSV application form has been submitted for processing, you will not be able to update or amend any details. 

However, if the provided data or documents are incomplete or missing, the DataFlow Group will accordingly update the status of your application, which you can track by visiting here.

In case you have been requested to provide any additional document or information by the Dataflow Group, please follow the simple steps and submit the requested document or information.

How to add missing documents? 

The submission of your missing documents is mandatory to process your application with us. Let us guide you on the step-by-step process.

To submit the documents online,

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your DataFlow Case or Reference Number and registered passport number to access your application details

If there is a non-submission of any document, the status appears as: “Case is in Insufficiency”

The document/component with “Insufficiency” will show the below message:  Click here to provide the missing information. 

  • If you are requested to add a missing document, you need to upload the file and submit

  • If you are requested to submit missing information, kindly add the information in the comment box.

Once you have submitted all information required, our Support Team will process these documents and data with our specialized team for validation. Should there be any further comments, we will reach out to you.