What does OTP mean? 
OTP is the “One Time Password” which is required to validate your mobile number, so we can send you timely notifications and updates on the progress of your PSV application.

If you do not receive the OTP on your mobile phone, this could be due to the following reasons: 

  • Incorrect Mobile Number: Please make sure you enter the correct number for your mobile phone, our system will only accept mobile numbers consisting of between 9 to 13 digits (the mobile number length depends on your country of origin).

    • Provided you do not exceed this 13 digit number limit, you may also try adding “0” or ‘00’ at the beginning of your mobile number.

  • Ensure to enter your contact number in the correct format (as shown on the given screenshot). On the field for a Contact number, you should not enter your 

For example - 0123456789 and 0012345678

  • Restriction (DND - Do Not Disturb) Applied on your Mobile - in some instances your mobile company or network provider may have applied a restriction for receiving OTPs. If the case, you can provide us with a  different mobile phone number to receive the OTP.

If the OTP issue persists, please contact us by raising a query on our support page, Here you can provide your contact details including country code and a preferred time slot ( per your time zone) and we will call you back.