DataFlow is making all efforts to complete your PSV application at the soonest and our entire workforceis working at full strength globally on your applications; though delays may be anticipated arising out of ongoing preventive COVID-19 measures initiated by a majority of the countries globally. 

As of the latest update so far, kindly refer below the list of Issuing Authority countries where we are experiencing delayed responsiveness due to partial or complete shutdown/lockdown state.

Egypt                       Iraq                           Palestine              Albania

Lebanon                  Korea South            Bulgaria                Iran    

Spain                       India                         Ukraine                  United Arab Emirates

Russia                     Germany                  Syria                      Kuwait    

Saudi Arabia           Netherlands             Turkey                   Czech Republic

Austria                     Philippines              China                     Malaysia

New Zealand           Australia                  Tunisia                   Norway

Ireland                     United Kingdom      Portugal                Pakistan

France                     Italy                          Sudan                    Greece

Cyprus                    Oman                        Indonesia              Ghana

Sri Lanka                Algeria                      Serbia                    Nepal

Yemen                    Jordan                       Libya                 

Do stay tuned for more updates here. Rest assured, we are still continuing to work hard to ensure that we're able to complete your verification as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and do take good care of your health!