Let the EXPERTS help you with your DataFlow Group Application for the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

Our Service Center team will expertly guide you through the process for a quick and easy application.

Basic Package Outline:

    • Advice on the correct documents (per Regulator)

    • Credential scanning

    • Application form completion and upload directly to the DataFlow systems in real-time

Premium PackageDo you know you can get your report in 14 working days? Opt for the DataFlow Express premium package and our experts will upload your application accurately to the front of the queue. 

  • If the report is not completed within 14 working days your premium package fee will be refunded. 

Our Location: 

Batelco Building

(Batelco Commercial Complex)

Floor 6, Building 114

Al Khalifa Avenue

Block 304, Manama



  • sjazeeri@dataflowgroup.com 

  • +973 171 55311  


Office Hours: 

  • Sunday to Thursday 

  • 8 am to 4 pm

What you need to know before visiting the DataFlow Group Service Center  

If you are planning to visit the DataFlow Team at our Manama Service Center, please ensure that you follow these important steps:

  1. Prepare clear copies of all the mandatory documents you need for your application:  

    • Current passport

    • Educational Qualifications- Bachelors/Masters

    • Professional License

    • Any other documents to be included as part of your application

  1. Ensure you have a Mastercard/Visa Debit/Credit card for payment

    • No cash payments will be accepted

  1. Head to the DataFlow Group Service Center in Manama

  1. Relax and let the DataFlow Experts manage your application for you

For any current applications under process or query management, please raise a ticket via our Support Page

Don’t forget, we also have lots of helpful information online - check out these Quick Links for more detail: