What is Applicant Assist?

The Applicant Assist service will help you complete your submission in just a fraction of the usual time. You do not need to take the time to fill the detailed application form as after you fill in only some basic information, one of the DataFlow specialists will complete the remaining form on your behalf. 

How does the Applicant Assist service work?

When you opt for our Applicant Assist service, the usual long and time consuming application form changes to a shorter version where you are only asked to fill in some very basic information associated with your application depending upon the Regulator you are applying for. All you need to do is to fill in those basic pieces of information, upload your documents and just sit back and relax. The DataFlow team will complete filling up the remaining application form on your behalf.

After we receiving your application submitted under the Applicant Assist package, one of our Applicant Assist specialists will scan your application to make sure that there aren't any obvious missing pieces of information or documents that need to be obtained from you first to enable filling in of your remaining application form accurately by our team.  

What are the benefits of the Applicant Assist service?

  • Saves you previous time - Minimal information to be filled by you which would take you less than 15 minutes approximately as opposed to the usual time of upto an hour approximately

  • Receive prioritized communication for any obvious missing pieces of information/documents that can potentially delay your case

  • The application will be completed by the DataFlow team

Are there any additional charges for the Applicant Assist service?

 Yes, the Applicant Assist service is an additional cost to the regular package fee, which is usually around USD 40 additional. You are requested to check the respective application form to find out the exact fee that you will need to pay in addition for this service. 

What other help will you receive from the Applicant Assist team?

The Applicant Assist team will contact you in case of any document insufficiency or requests for additional documents. This will help DataFlow start the verification process without any delay.

 How can I sign up for the Applicant Assist service?

 Signing up is easy, please visit the DataFlow Group website and follow these steps:

  • Choose Verification Services

  • Click on Country of Regulator/Organisation i.e. where you are seeking employment 

  • When you start filling your Application form you will be able to choose Applicant Assist as an additional service. 

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