You can at any time apply for an “Additional Document” verification irrespective of whether your previous DataFlow Group report is still in progress or already completed for the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB).  


How to Apply for Additional Document Verification: 


Visit the link -


To submit an additional document for verification, log in with the existing OMSB credentials, click on “Generate New Case” and select a new reference number.


Once you have successfully Logged in with the new reference number-follow the instructions outlined below to submit your application for additional document verification:

  1. Package/Profession Details Page

  • Select “Custom Package” and click on the “Choose” button to submit your additional document for verification

  • It is mandatory to select “Custom Package” to verify an additional document.  Failure to select the correct package will lead to an incorrect calculation of your PSV charges (i.e. all documents will be selected for verification).

  • Verification of one document will cost 60 OMR


    2. Personal Details Page

  • Fill in your personal details.

  • It is very important to enter the correct mobile number under “Mobile Number”.

    • Note: Please enter your mobile country code starting with + sign.

  • Click on “Next”


   3. Education/Health License/Employment details

  • As per your  verification requirement, please fill in the details of the additional document you intend to verify under Education/Employment/Health License, etc

  • Make sure you select and click on the checkbox available for each component.

  • You can also add more than one document under each component(Education, Employment, and Health License)

  • If you do not click on the checkbox for your additional documents, they will not be added to your application for verification.

  • Click “Next”

    • Use  the “SKIP” button on the pages where you do not intend to verify any document

    • Use the “SKIP ALL” button if you want to skip multiple documents under each component

  • Please Note: the  “SKIP” button is located at the bottom right-hand side of each page and allows you to move to the next page if you do not require that particular document/component to be verified.


   4. Upload Documents

  • Print and Sign the LOA form.

  • Upload a clear copy of the signed LOA

  • Upload a copy of your Passport

  • Upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Click on “Next” 


   5.  Internship and Residency Training

  • Internship and Residency Training details are optional. This information is for OMSB reference only and is not a part of a PSV verification under the custom package. 

  • You may click on “Skip” if it is not applicable in your case

  • Or else, fill these pages and click on “Next”


   6. Submission of Application

  • Review your application to ensure every detail entered is correct 

  • To Note: if you need to make any corrections you can make changes by clicking on the “Previous” tab button.

  • Accept the declaration and click on “Next”


   7. Your Payment Summary

  • The total amount to be  paid for additional document verification will appear under “Amount*”

  • Click on “Generate OTP”

  • A 6 Digit OTP number will be sent to your registered mobile number.

    • In case you do not receive an OTP number, you can choose to  “Re-generate OTP”. 

    • If you still do not receive a number, please change the mobile number  and try “Re Generate OTP” again

    • Click on Validate OTP, once OTP received 

  • If the OTP  issue persists,  please use the option - OTP via call


Once the payment has been made, the DataFlow Group will start working on your application.


You will receive a confirmation email from the DataFlow Group providing the new DataFlow Group case number under which we will verify your Additional Document. 


Post the completion of your verification we will prepare a final report including all your previous verifications completed for OMSB.


Note: please ensure to upload clear and uncut scanned copies of all documents to avoid delays in completing your application.