If you intend to verify any additional/ updated documents for DoH, it is mandatory to already have a completed  DataFlow Group PSV report. 


If your application status is currently “in progress”, you will have to wait until it's completed, post which you can submit your application for an  “Additional Document” verification.


You must obtain the Unique Identity Number (UIN) by registering on the DoH User Management System (UMS) in order to successfully sign up and login on to the application portal

For new users, the UIN will be sent by email after registration on the TAMM portal, and the user can view the UIN after login and click on the profile from the main menu.

Please follow the instructions outlined below to submit your application for an“Additional Document” verification:

Go to link - https://www.dfdoh.com/

  • Login with your registered email ID and password to enter your ‘Dashboard’ which will reflect all the cases pending or submitted by you using the same credentials.

  • On the Dashboard, please click on ADD NEW CASE to start the submission process.

  • Select Report re-issuance from Case Type dropbox.

  • Select the regulator name for which you have been verified before -  and upload a copy of your previous DataFlow Group report including the barcode/ DataFlow Group case number.

  • You can select multiple reports previously issued to other regulators or by TrueProfile.io. Each selected previous report is limited to one case.

  • You would need to either enter your passport number submitted in your previous report or your date of birth to validate the case number.

  • You will be required to fill the form including all details of the documents that were previously verified.

  • Please note: there will be no charges for previously verified documents and we will only charge for any additional new documents submitted that were not verified earlier.

  • On the “Review of Application” page, please DO NOT select/tick the checkboxes for the documents that were previously verified. Only tick the checkboxes for the new documents that you want to verify and make the payment for the same.

  • Please Note - the verification cost per document is 300 AED

    • 100 AED will be charged for re-issuing a previous DoH report

    • 200 AED will be charged for re-issuing a previous report completed under any other regulator.

    • Re-issuing your TrueProfile.io report will be free of charge

  •  A Report re-issuance with an additional document for verification takes 25 calendar days

Please note: In line with DoH - Abu Dhabi requirement, if the previously verified Qualification(s) in the re-issued report do not include the (Mode of Study) details, DataFlow team will validate and verify the (Mode of Study), additional charges may apply and will be confirmed if applicable.